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Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach Hotels und Unterkünften in Tianmen Mountain Cable Car sind, z.B. in der Nähe der Sehenswürdigkeit Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, hilft Ihnen Expedia.de gern weiter. Schauen Sie in den verschiedenen Kategorien und finden Sie Angebote für Städtereisen oder einen Kurzurlaub. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car hat viel zu bieten, egal ob Sie einen kurzen Urlaub oder einen. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car. Tianmen Mountain is a mountain located within Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province, China. A cable car was constructed by the French company Poma from nearby Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car Ride. Claiming to be the longest passenger cable car ride in the world, the ride on this attraction is not for the faint of heart. The ascent to the top on Tianmen Mountain is quit long and, at some points, extremely steep. If you are thrill-seekers like us, or are willing to do this for the sake of experience, you won't regret a second of it. Starting at the city.

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When we travel to Tianmen Mountain it is in low season and we manage to miss a number of the better attractions including the sky walk and the Tianmen Cave entrance (Heaven's Gate). It was however, an easy day trip, a half-day even, and travelling from Zhangjiajie to Tianmen Mountain by cable car is by far the best route. Arriving to Zhangjiajie it will likely be at the bus or train stations. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 m (24,459 ft) and the. Tianmen Shan Cable Car ferries visitors from the city center of Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province) to the Air Garden, perched on the summit of Tianmen Mountain. Straddling a distance of 7,455 meters (7.45km), it is often touted by tourism publications in China as the longest cable car ride in the world, but in reality, it needs to be qualified as the longest passenger cableway of high. Tianmen mountain cable car still closed until Nov 18th,since 18th would be available.But during 6th to 8th 3 days would be open for guests for 3 days,as China's cable car annual meeting will be held in Zhangjiajie.. If cable car not available,still can visit Tianmen mountain,as take bus up and down for round trip(99 bends road which very famous,usually cable car one way and bus one way

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Tianmen Mountain Cable Car. The cable way leading to the peak of Tianmen Mountain touts itself as the world's longest, at 7455 meters (24,459 feet). It averages about 1000 passengers per hour during the high-tourist season, with an average trip time of 28 minutes. In the high season, visitors may have to wait in line for hours for a ride. Views seen from Tianmen Mountain Cableway. The cable. Cable car from Tianmen Mountain Cableway Lower Station to Tianmen Mountain Cableway Top Station Ave. Duration 30 min Frequency Every 15 minutes Estimated price ¥154 Schedules at piao.ctrip.com. Bus operators. China Bus Guide Email bus@chinatrainguide.com Website chinabusguide.com Bus from Wulingyuan Bus Terminal to Zhangjiajie Bus Terminal Ave. Duration 45 min Frequency Every 15 minutes. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 m (24,459 ft) and ascent of 1,279 m (4,196 ft). The highest gradient is 37 degrees. Tourists can walk on kilometres of paths built along the cliff face at the top of the mountain, including sections with glass floors. An 11 km.

Tianmen Mountain - Glass Walkways & A Cable Car Ride You

Zhangjiajie to Tianmen Mountain by Cable Car (Low Season

  1. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car is located in Zhangjiajie. The neighborhood is home to 115 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something that works for your stay. Staying Near Tianmen Mountain Cable Car. There are 76 hotels and accommodations within a mile of Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, including these options: Zhangjiajie Huatian Hotel: This 5-star hotel features 3 restaurants, free.
  2. The Tianmen Mountain near Zhangjiajie in Central China has one of the longest hight mountain cableways in the world
  3. utes around to finish. On the way, you could enjoy the panorama view of Zhangjiajie City and also the amazing natural surroundings. You will.

Tianmen Mountain, by Zhangjiajie city, in central China's Hunan Province, has been called one of the most beautiful mountains in the world by many travelers who have been there. The stunning views including 'Heaven's Door' and the 99 Bends, vertical cliffs, the thrilling cliff-hanging walkway and glass skywalk, and the world's longest cable car ride, make it unquestionably one of the.

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Tianmen Mountain Cableway Zhangjiajie, China Credit: nhungboon/Shutterstock. Another record-breaker, the cable car up Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China is the longest in the world. Starting in the middle of downtown, the ascent up this mountain is slow and leisurely, with views passing from city, to rural neighborhoods, to the wild terrain of Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park Tianmen mountain cable car station, China, Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie. Hours : 6 hours. About this place Tianmen Mountain Genenral Introduction As the saying goes: In Dayong lies Tianmen Mountain, with a distance of only three point three chi to the sky. He who wants to ascend to heaven should seat the sedan without ceiling, or ride the horse without saddle. Tianmen Mountain ,1518.6. 2) Cable Car. Walk around 2km to the cable car station in the city. Purchase your entrance tickets to the park at the cable car station before taking the cable car up the mountain. The Tianmen Mountain cable car is the longest cable car in the world stretching for over 7km and taking around 30 minutes to complete. The views are spectacular as. If you love Table Mountain and use the cable car regularly, sign up for a Cable Card and save! Operating Times. The cable car operates weather permitting during the following times: Date First car up Last car up Last car down; 1 Feb - 31 March 2020: 08h00. 19h00: 20h00. 1 Apr - 30 Apr 2020: 08h00. 18h30: 19h30. 1 May - 31 Aug 2020: 08h30 . 17h00: 18h00. Table Mountain Café and WiFi Lounge. Der Tianmen Mountain ist wohl das zweit beliebteste Reiseziel für die Region Hunan und eine der Top-Sehenswürdigkeiten in China.Das Areal erreichst du ganz bequem per Seilbahn. Der Eingang zur Seilbahn ist dem Bahnhof sehr nah und nicht zu übersehen. Die Seilbahn führt über eine 7km lange Strecke bis nach oben und ist mit seiner 35min Fahrt die längste Seilbahn der Welt

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  1. utes by local taxi or private car to get to Tianmen Cableway Lower Station to take the cable car up to Tianmen Mountain, and it is also the place to take sightseeing bus up to the mountain scenic area. To.
  2. utes from the city center to the mountain top, one of the longest cableways in the.
  3. Save on popular hotels near Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, Yongding: Browse Expedia's selection of 104 hotels and places to stay closest to Tianmen Mountain Cable Car. Find cheap deals and discount rates that best fit your budget. Book now & save with no cancellation fee
  4. A cable car was constructed by the French company Poma from nearby Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 meters and ascent of 1,279 metres
  5. utes with high mountains surrounding in the world.... Cable car is safe and securely covered to shield the Winter coldness or the Summer heat
Must-See Tourist Attractions in Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen mountain cable car.. Editorial. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #96289703 - The cliff walk on the summit of Tianmen shan or mount tianmen.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #107860122 - Mountain Landscape of the Masca Gorge. Beautiful views of the.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #105325637 - Tianmen Mountain Known as The Heavens Gate surrounded by the... Tianmen Mountain Cableway The longest mountain sightseeing cableway in the world, with a total length of 7455 meters, consists of three stations: upper, middle and lower. The middle station is divided into two sections. The whole section is divided into two sections, A and B. The first section is 5289 long

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The cable car to Tianmen Mountain gets some serious elevation. As I mentioned above, Tianmen Mountain sits just outside the Chinese city of Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie itself is a well-connected city, by train, both overnight and throughout the daytime, and also a vast bus network exists to surrounding areas. You will need to make your way to Zhangjiajie before Tianmen Mountain is accessible. To. Tianmen Mountain towers at 1279 meters above sea level, and the cableway steepest gradient is 38 degrees, just a tad less than Panorama Langkawi. As you go up, Tianmen Mountain looms in front of you, and from the cable car you have a perfect view of Heaven's Door, the oval opening in the side of the mountain

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  1. d for adventure and a thrilling itinerary in hand. And you might want to use public transportation to traverse the city after you put your luggage down at your hotel. And yes, you could get into the taxi queue after you deplane.
  2. Considered one of the most beautiful mountains on Earth, Tianmen Mountain (Tianmen Shan) is a highlight of a visit to Zhangjiajie. The mountain summits at 4,983 feet (1,519 meters), with plenty of spectacular sights on the way up, including near vertical cliffs, a winding walkway appropriately named the 99 Bends, and a rock arch called Heaven's Gate. (Tianmen Mountain literally means .
  3. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car. Tianmen Mountain literally means the Heaven Gate Mountain. It is named so after the Tianmen Cave in the scenic area, which looks like a door leading to the heaven hanging in the air, shrouded by mist throughout the year. Walk along the Heaven-linking Avenue, and you will reach the Tianmen Cave. The Tianmen Mountain Temple, Glass Skywalk, and Guigu Plank Road are.
  4. Switzerland's CabriO cable car carries passengers over 7,000 feet from the village of Stans to the top of Stanserhorn Mountain. The double-decker style cable car, with an open upper deck, is one of the only rides of its kind. Each car has a staircase connecting the two levels and can carry 30 people on top and 30 in the cabin below, which has wall-to-wall windows, providing just as extensive.
  5. Download this Premium Photo about Beautiful view from cable car to tianmen mountain, and discover more than 5 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepi
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If a cable car to the 99 steps isn't your thing you can take a bus along narrow road that bends, yep you guessed it, 99 times. Tianmen's know if has the holy mountain, it used to be a cave. But around 263 AD on of the mountain sides collapsed and created its unique shape and the naturally highest arch. A temple was built in 870 AD adding to. Join us for this unique day tour to ride the world's longest cable car from city center directly up to the famous Tianmen Mountain. On Tianmen Mountain, admire peculiar sandstone peaks and feel your adrenaline pumping while walking on the suspended glass walkway at 4,691 feet high. Tianmen literally means 'Heaven's Door' in Chinese and, after 99 bends of winding mountain road, try the 999. Meet your group and English-speaking guide at the meeting point and walk to the cable car station of Tianmen Mountain and kick off your day tour. Then, get ready to take the world's longest gondola up to Tianmen Mountain. The Tianmen Mountain Cableway is described in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, with 98 cars, total length of 7,455.

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It starts from the main peak of Tianmen Mountain - Yu Meng Xian Peak, to Cherry Bay near Tianmen Mountain Temple. With a length of 800m, it takes 10 minutes one way. Taking sightseeing cable car, you can not only overlook the primitive forest scenery, but also save energy and time to make your trip easier Tianmen Mountain cable car. The mountain is best reached by cable car. The aerial tramway ride is the longest in the world, taking about 30 minutes for over 7 kilometers. The last part of the cable way is very steep, going up at 37 degrees over sheer cliffs to one of the mountain peaks. The cable car starts close to the bus station and railway station. It is often very busy, and waiting in. Gratis-Storno für viele Hotels. Mit Hotels.com finden Sie das perfekte Hotel nahe Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, Zhangjiajie. Mit Hotels.com Rewards erhalten Sie nach 10 gebuchten Übernachtungen 1 Bonusnacht Tianmen Mountain cable car. The entrance to Tianmen Mountain and the lower ground cable car is located in downtown Zhangjiajie; about 1 km away from the train and bus station. Here you can buy your ticket for the day. When you buy your ticket, you will be asked if you want to take the cable car up, or down. We opted to whiz up on the cable car, because later in the day it gets, the lower the.

French company Poma constructed cable cars that pick passengers up from a nearby railway station and deliver them to the top of Tianmen Mountain. Meanwhile, the world's longest glass-bottom bridge.. Tianmen Mountain Cable Car in Yongding hautnah erleben mit Expedia.at. Hotels, Flüge und Mietwagen billiger buchen und Tianmen Mountain Cable Car in Yongding erleben Check out hotel and transfer to Tianmen Mountain cable car station. Take cable car up to Eastern line and explore Glass Walkway Platform. Take cable car down from Eastern line to Tianmen Cave (999 steps Stairway to Heaven). After exploration, transfer to hotel in Wulingyuan area and check in hotel. DAY

Visible from anywhere in Zhangjiajie City, this distinctive mountain range features Tiānmén Dòng (天门洞), a prominent keyhole cut through the mountainside. The seriously lengthy 7km-long Tianmen Mountain Cable Car (天门山索道, Tiānmén Shān Suǒdào) is Asia's longest, and takes half an hour to hoist you up. The cable car is included in your entrance ticket Tianmen Mountain: 1518.6 meters as highest in Zhangjiajie,8 kilometers from downtown and is one of the most representative natural sceneries of Zhangjiajie,5A level national tourist spots/world geopark/national forest park of China.Include 7.5 km cable car(the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world)/glass walking way/Guigu plank road/bonsai view on the mountain/sky gate hole. Tianmen Mountain Cableway; Cardin in The car; Heaven-linking Avenue; Forest sightseeing cable car; Yunmeng Fairy Summit; The plank road; Tian Men Mountain Temple; Tianmen Mountain, is always reputed as the first holy mountain in Wes-tern Hunan Province. In thousand and hundred years, the appearance of the six unsolvable riddles—the opening of Tianmen cave, the turbulent water of Tianmen. Tianmen Mountain. June 29, 2018 · Witness the breathtaking views as you take a trip above the clouds at the longest cable car in the world at Tianmen Mountain ☁️ . The stunning Tianmen Mountain (Heaven's Door Mountain), near the city of Zhangjiajie, province of Hunan, China. The video is following one of the two standard routes around the mountain: The longest cable car in the world from the city center to the mountain top; West rim cliff-hanging walkway and glass Skywalk; Tianmen temple; East rim cliff-hanging walkway and glass Skywalk; elevators down.

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Located in Zhangjiajie and with Tianmen Mountain Ticket Office reachable within 1.1 km, Easy Stay Bajie Tianmen Mountain Branch provides express check-in and check-out, rooms, a shared lounge, free WiFi throughout the property and a garden. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace. The accommodation features a 24-hour front desk, room service and organising. May 27, 2018 - Can this be a real place? Indeed it is! All of these amazing and fantastical features are part of the experience of visiting Tianmen Mountain (Tianmen Shan). For anyone spending time in China, Tianmen Mountain is a must see and an experience that cannot be missed The elevation of Tianmen Mountains is 1518.6 meters (the highest one in Zhangjiajie); people may feel amazing that about 40 peaks inside the mountain area are over 1000 meters. The cave is on the precipices and is over 1260 meters elevation, the height of the cave is 131.5 meters and the width is about 50 meters Visiting the Holy Mountain - Tianmen Shan you will need a full day. Your first thing to do is to obtain tickets for the cable car. They are sold out very often, so you need to be at the cable car station around 7 in the morning. There are three different packages; we'd chosen package A; Cablecar up, bus down. It was very crowded when we left — lots of Chinese tour groups. The cable car is. Check out hotel and transfer to Tianmen Mountain cable car station. Take cable car up to Eastern line and explore Glass Walkway Platform. Take cable car down from Eastern line to Tianmen Cave (999 steps Stairway to Heaven). In the afternoon, transfer to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge and explore world tallest and longest glass pedestrian bridge. After exploration, transfer to.

The Tianmen Cable Car system was supplied by Poma of France. The system came into operation in September 2005 and served as the major passenger transport means for visitors to enter the tourism area of Mount Tianmen. It features one of the longest cable-car lines in the world, with a rise of 1,279 m, a total travel of 7,455 m and 96 cabins capable of handling eight people each. The cabins. Tourismus Zhangjiajie; Hotels Zhangjiajie; Pensionen Zhangjiajie; Ferienwohnungen Zhangjiajie; Pauschalreisen Zhangjiajie; Flüge Zhangjiajie; Reiseforum Zhangjiaji Highlights of Tianmen Mountain. The World's Longest Cable Car Ride up to the Mountain Top; The best way to reach the mountain is by cable car. The aerial tramway to Tianmen Mountain is the longest in the world at the length of 7.5 km (24,458 feet), taking about 30 minutes. One cable car contains eight people. The cable car starts near Zhangjiajie Bus Station and the Railway Station. The. Tourismus Zhangjiajie; Hotels Zhangjiajie; Pensionen Zhangjiajie; Ferienwohnungen Zhangjiajie; Pauschalreisen Zhangjiaji All reviews glass walkway tianmen mountain cable car heaven's gate the bus the cliff winding road hairpin turns longest cable sky walk suspension bridge afraid of heights stairway to heaven zhangjiajie city low season unique experience national forest park amazing views steep steps buy tickets out of this world chinese tourists. Deanosaur89 wrote a review Jul. 2020. Edmonton, Canada 623.

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Todas las indicaciones están rotuladas en inglés, solo hay que buscar Cable Car Station. Nosotros estábamos en la otra punta cuando decidimos que era momento de volver y nos tocó andar un buen rato hasta llegar. La odisea del Teleférico del Tianmen Mountain . Esto fue un drama ya os lo adelantamos. Llegamos a la estación y nos encontramos con una cola larguísima en zig-zag y un caos de. Feb 18, 2020 - Explore Tianmen Mountain's board Tianmen Mountain on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tianmen mountain, Zhangjiajie, Tianmenshan Jun 28, 2019 - Explore Tony Romano's board Tianmen mountain on Pinterest. See more ideas about Beautiful places, Wonders of the world, Places to travel

Das Guantianyuan Hostel ( Tianmen Mountain & Railway Station) erwartet Sie mit einer Bar, einer Gemeinschaftslounge und Bergblick in Zhangjiajie, 1,1 km vom Bergticketbüro Tianmen entfernt. Walking distance from Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, the bus terminal, train station and 10 minutes away from the airport. The room was huge and very comfortable. Excellent customer service, Zhang Xioajing. Tianmen Mountain attraction travel guidebook, Zhangjiajie must-visit attractions. Trip.com provides tourists with Tianmen Mountain attraction address, business hours, brief introduction, open hours, nearby recommendation, restaurant, reviews etc. These information answers detailedly about what to visit in Zhangjiajie Auf der Suche nach einem Hotel nahe Tianmen Mountain Cable Car? Bewertungen & Fotos bei Hotels.com ansehen und Hotels unweit Tianmen Mountain Cable Car zum Schnäppchenpreis buchen. Reisewarnung COVID-19 Wenn Sie eine bevorstehende Buchung ändern oder stornieren möchten, finden Sie hier die nächsten Schritte sowie Richtlinien. Bitte rufen Sie nur an, wenn Ihr Check-in innerhalb der.

Tianmen mountain cable car. Is it right? Do we have to pay extra fee for all of these cable car? I mean is there cable car fare that already include is entrance fee? Answers (1) Answered by Kinsa from Indonesia | Jun. 13, 2013 01:32. 0 0 Reply. No, the fare for cable car is exclusived from the entrance fee, so you have to pay exta for that. You are correct with the three cable cars, but the. 3.9 km from Tianmen Mountain Cable Car Free self parking is available and the inn's front desk is staffed around-the-clock. WiFi in public areas is free. Luggage storage is also provided Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 metres (24,459 ft) and ascent of 1,279 metres (4,196 ft) The highest gradient is an unusual 37 degrees Cable car ride up to the mountain top It is the longest cable car in the world. Spanning over 7 kilometers, it takes 30 minutes to travel from the city of Zhangjiajie to the top of Tianmen Mountain. The cable car passes over the edge of the city, so if you are lucky with the weather, you can see the city and the farmlands below you By cable car: The most convenient and special way to get to the Tianmen Mountains is through the City Garden Cableway built in city center of Zhangjiajie. By bus: Line 5 will take you to the foot of Mount Tianzi, it is only at RMB1 yuan and the bus departs every 5 minutes

The Tianmenshan (Heaven's Gate Mountain) cable car is supposedly the longest cable car in the world, almost 7500m long with just under 100 cars. So finally, on this trip, I ended up doing something that was the '-est' in the world, since I skipped the world's tallest outdoor lift and the world's longest and tallest glass bridge As the name of the mountain stands, 'Tianmen' - translating to the Door of the Sky or Heaven - no wonder the cable car ride to reach the Door of the Heaven had to match its prestige because the ascent felt like one to a real paradise hanging over the Zhangjiajie city

You can reach the mountain by boarding the Tianmen Mountain cableway which is the longest mountain cableway in the world with a hypotenuse length of 7455 meters. Heaven-linking Avenue and the Bonsai Garden (Hanging Garden) are must-visits in the Tianmen Mountain area Meandering below the cable car is the Heaven-Linking Avenue, an 11-km road with 99 bends. Tianmen Mountain towers at 1279 meters above sea level, and the cableway's steepest gradient is 38 degrees. Yes, it's just a cable car ride, but it's still pretty mind-blowing. Read more: Tianmenshan Cable Car, My Most Scenic Ride So Fa Tianmen Mountain is a popular natural tourist attraction. It can be reached by the longest cable car in the world (2017) from the center of Zhangjiajie city. We arrived in the evening and spent the night at the hotel Zhangjiajie Dachengshanshui International Hotel (booking.com). Good hotel in 3 kilometers from the airport and within walking.

Der Tianmen Mountain ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit direkt in Zhangjiajie City (eher bekannt für den Nationalpark). Wir sind morgens um 10Uhr zur Cable Car Station gelaufen (angeblich die längste der Welt!). Dort hatten wir gleich zwei negative Überraschungen: Der heftige Eintrittspreis von 268 Yuan (es gab kein Student Discount! Photo about Asia longest cable car going to the top of the famous Heaven Linking Avenue or Big Gate Road Tianmen mountains, Zhangjiajie, China. Image of cabins, destination, chinese - 15859488 Tianmen Mountain Cableway is 7455 meters long, with a fall of 1279 meter, and it starts from Zhangjiajie Centre Garden and ends in the Sky Garden at the top of Tianmen mountain, just like a rainbow bringing people from the land to the sky

Tianmen Mountains, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National ParkChina's Tianmen Mountain:World's Longest Cable Car & Glass

Among the many scenic spots of Zhangiajie, Tianmen Mountain rises above them all. On this private, full-day tour you will experience a thrilling ride to the top of Tianmen Mountain on the world's longest cable car - nearly 4 and a half miles long. Pass over farmer's fields as you rise up the mountainside into the thick clouds above Werfen Sie einen Blick in unsere Galerie, überzeugen Sie sich von den authentischen Gästebewertungen und buchen Sie jetzt mit Preisgarantie. Wenn Sie unseren Newsletter abonnieren, erfahren Sie sogar als Erstes von Angeboten und Aktionen Tianmen Mountain National Park Ticket with Cable Car Ride. $ 39.00 pro Erwachsenem. Weitere Infos. Eintrittskarte für den Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. $ 57.00 pro Erwachsenem. Weitere Infos . Privater Tagesausflug des Tianmen Berges mit Tianmen Fox Fairy Show VIP Sitz. 1 Bewertung. $305.11 pro Erwachsenem. Weitere Infos. Schnellansicht. Zhangjiajie Private 4-tägige Tour: Enshi.

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